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Feel Good to Look Good

Did you know that stress, anxiety, and other psychological conditions might be an underlying cause for common skin issues like acne, rosacea, psoriasis and more? There is a connection between the skin and the central nervous system, which means any changes in your nervous system can alter your skin condition. Poor mental health could be …

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Always Blessed & Lash Obsessed

Long, full and fluffy eyelashes are desired by many women and we can help you achieve your lash goals here at BBHL! By attaching synthetic hairs to your individual natural eyelashes with a special adhesive, you can get fabulous looking eyes that will make you stand out in a crowd. Don’t let the cost or maintenance …

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Brow Lamination… It’s An Infatuation :)

Life may not always be perfect, but your brows sure can be 🙂 Straight, thin brows are OUT and fluffy, defined brows are IN! Brow Lamination adds volume and length to your brows and is becoming a popular beauty trend that will leave your brows looking flawless! Tired of spending time using brow gel to …

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All You Need is Love…and a Good Brow Artist

Have you ever left an eyebrow appointment completely unsatisfied because your eyebrows were so mismatched that no amount of reshaping or filling in would help? Having uneven eyebrows is not cute, and you and your brows deserve better! Brow mapping is a game changing technique that can help you find the ideal brow shape for …

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Beauty by Hannah Lebron